Round gondola shelving

Ø 400-1200mm x H 1473-2235

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DKK 1.950,00 tax excl.

Round gondola shelving

Round gondola storeshelving is the best method for storing and displaying products. 
This gondola is constructed with easily adjustable shelves, which accommodate products of any size. 
As a result of these adjustable shelves, you will be able to maximize the overall storage capacity in your shop. 
Round base design of this basic inventory gondola gives customers a 360° access to all products on display, which assures an increase sales volume.

Assembly instructions for round shelf is under the tab Download.

A round gondola shelving consists of following:

- 1 pc. Upright column 
- 2 pcs. Basefoot 
- 2 pcs. Gondola head basefoot 
- 4 pcs. Round plinth 
- 2 pcs. bottom Round shelves
- 1 pc. Top plug 
- 1 pc. stand fastening

Along with the round stander, can be purchased:

- Round shelves - 2 pcs. for each level (the quantity of shelves depends on your needs)
- Pair of brackets for round shelves - 2 pc. for each shelf. On 1 constructed shelves level, one must use 2 pcs. round shelves and 4 pair of brackets.

Can be ordered in white, dark grey, black and much more.