Shelving with front upright

back panel without holes 
H 1473-2235 x W 665-900 x D 400-500 mm

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DKK 1.100,00

EURO Shelving with front upright

Shelving with front upright made with back panel without holes.
On the shelving can place different sheet metal shelves.
In the picture shown in H2235 mm. with 1 base shelf, 1 top shelf and 4 shelves.
In H1473 mm. the store shelf comes with 1 base shelf, 1 top shelf, and 2 shelves.

This set consists of the following: 

- 2 pcs. Upright column 
- 2 pcs. Upright insert 
- 2 pcs. Basefoot 
- 2 pcs. Back panel fixator 
- 2 pcs. Front upright columns 
- 2 pcs. Front upright fixation 
- 2 pcs. Front upright insert 
- Back panels (total amount depends on the height) 
- Sheet metal shelves (total amount depends on the height) 
- Double-sided bracket - 2 pcs. for each shelf 
- Bracket fixator - 1 pc. for each double-sided bracket
- 1 pcs. Front upright plinth 
- 1 pc. Crossbar

Assembly instructions for shelving with front upright are available under the tab Download.