L form gondola, back panel without holes

back panel without holes
H 1473 x W 666 x D 310 mm - H 2235 x W 900 x D 510 mm

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DKK 600,00

EURO KM L-form gondola

Gondola with back panel without holes, where you can place different wire shelf or sheet metal shelf. It can expand with as many gondolas as your shop needs. 

One set consist of the following: 

- 2 pcs. Upright column
- 2 pcs. Basefoot 
- 1 pcs. Sheet metal shelf 
- 1 pcs. Plinth 
- 1 pc. Gondola 
- 2 pcs. Upright insert 
- 2 pcs. Back panel fixator
- Back panel without holes (the total number depends on the height of the upright column).

Assembly instructions for basic shelving are available under the tab Download.

OBS: Available also as a complete set, with shelves or wire shelves.

the number of back panels depends on the height of the upright column