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Large selection of shop fittings and display solutions. L and T form gondolas for displaying, selling and storage of goods in different stores and sale departments. Platform trolleys, shopping trolleys and shopping baskets at competitive prices Slatwall comes in many names, such as slat wall, slatwall board, slat board panel or slatted wall panels. We also have a selection of accessories for the panels - such as hooks, shelves, backbars, and various garment arms and rail. Sales baskets, stacking baskets and wire shelves. Garment stands, textile racks, and gondola Brochure and informationsholder - poster, information and ceiling displays in the best quality Displays in steel, plastic and cardboard Shop design: Sales podium for the exhibition of many products Stock shelving system / High rack system Sales Booster / End Cap / Locks / Stock Limiter Price flaps and ticket holders in steel or plastic A wide selection of hooks and hangers for 5, 6 10, 15 and 20 mm back bars Poster Frames and Accessories atastrips / Scanner Profiles Digital pricing - holders for price cassettes A wide range of hooks and hangers for all types of perforated back panels Complete trolley houses with additional accessories such as wagon starter, starter chains or waste bins A wide range of checkout counters types and models, in different shapes and sizes with different functionality.
A wide range of bathroom accessories, such as soap holders, and towel ring. Shelf management / pusher systems A wide range of LED lightning solutions for retail Clean & Care Paper & Dispensers Stands & Disinfection


Innovative & promotional store concepts + Market's largest selection of store fixtures and components online

Modular store inventory at the best prices on the market: shopping baskets, shopping trolleys, shelves, sales baskets, product hooks, price tags, shelf labels, information and brochure holders, textile stands, groove panels, checkout counters, holders for electronic price labels. Everything both as standard products and customer-adapted solutions.

We are: International German company - Founded in 1852 - Self-production in Germany and China - 500 employees who everyday work to deliver future options for in-store retail solutions.

We help our customers create promotional facilities and ensure fast deliveries on supplementary orders subsequently so that our customers can always run their business optimally.

You are very welcome to contact one of our consultants, either by phone or by email.

Payment options:

First time customers / customers without credit agreement:
Bank transfer: Bank information is sent with order confirmation.

Public institutions / organizations:
Payment via EAN NR.

Customers with credit agreement:
Invoice payment by appointment.