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Pallet rack set 600 kg/pallet

H 3041-3965mm. x W 1100 mm. x L 5640 mm.
600 kg/pallet

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DKK 5.450,00

Pallet rack set 600 kg/pallet

Suitable for warehouse and production facilities, garages, car service stations, archives and libraries, etc.
Pallet rack set for storaging of piece-goods or EUR-pallets.
Choose between 3 heights.
Maximum load is 1850 kg per level (or ca. 600 kg. per palllet).
Maximum load can increase to up to 3000 kg per section (or ca. 1000 kg. per pallet) with a 120 mm. high beam.
Thе load should be spread evenly along the pair of beams.

Maximum allowed load on the frame depends also on the maximum interaxal height distance between beam levels or distance between the floor and first beam level.

Height  Width    Lenght

3041     1100      5640
3499     1100      5640
3965     1100      5640

One set consists of or 3 frames and 8 beams 1068-273-xx and 32 Safety split Ø6.

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70 25 25 37

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