City Shopping Trolley 80 litres

Stacking distance 11 cm

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DKK 649,00 tax excl.

City Shopping Trolley 80 litres

It is made of polypropylene and is available in black orange, red, green and blue color.
The wheels have diameter of 75 mm with galvanized steel structure.
This type of shopping cart is characterized by maneuverability and is suitble for small stores, but it can also be placed in hypermarkets as a smart alternative to shopping carts. 
Given its weight of only 8.4 kg this shopping trolley is very easy to handle. 
It is necessary less space for storing this trolley given its stacking distance of only 11 cm.

Vol. i liter     Stacking distance     Colour           LxWxH i mm                    Product nr.    
80                 110 mm                                             828 x 500 x 983 mm          991-TC.-…-..-..
80                 110 mm                       Black             828 x 500 x 983 mm          995-TC5-BE5-50-00

City Shopping Trolley 80 litres total dimensions