Single hook for panel with round holes, distance 25mm c/c

Ø6x150mm - Ø8x500mm

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DKK 5,80

Single hook for panel with round holes

Single hook suitable for perofaretd back panels with hole Ø4,5 - Ø5,5 distance 25mm.
This hook is used to hang many types of products in stores.
The product hook is available in different dimensions and lengths and in zinc finish.
We can also offer a thinner, lighter single hook for perforated back panel, with Ø3,5-Ø4,8.

Dimension          Length                 Article no.
Ø6                        150                      1939-0-0150
Ø6                        200                     
Ø6                        300                     
Ø8                        200                     
Ø8                        300                     
Ø8                        400                     
Ø8                        500                      1934-0-0500

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