T form gondola set, perforated back panel, WHITE

perforated back panel
H 1473 x W 666 x D 400 mm
RAL 9016 (WHITE)

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KM T-form gondola set, WHITE

2 sided gondola / floor gondola set with perforated back panel.
Perforated back panel with round holes, distance both 25mm and 30mm. Here you can find hooks for round holes Ø5, distance 25mm. We can also offer you single and double hooks for distance 30mm. Contact us to hear more.

It can expand with as many gondolas as your shop needs. 
The products can be placed on both sides of the stander.

One set consist of the following: 

- 2 pcs. Upright column H1473 mm.
- 4 pcs. Basefoot D410mm.
- 2 pcs. base Sheet metal shelf D410xW666mm.
- 2 pcs. Plinth L600 mm
- 2 pcs. Upright insert
- 8 pcs. Perforated back panel (6 pcs. of 300x666 mm. and 2 pcs. of 450x666 mm) 
- 10 pcs. double hook Ø3,5x160mm
- 10 pcs. single hook Ø4,8x200mm 
- 4 or 8 pcs. Bracket L300 mm. 
- 1 pc. Gondola 
- 4 pcs. Back panel fixator
- 2 pcs. Wire shelf (D310xW666mm.) and 2 pcs. Sheet metal shelves (D310xW666mm.); OR 2 pcs. Sheet metal shelves (D310xW666mm.); OR 4 pcs. Sheet metal shelves (D310xW666mm.).

Contact us for more dimensions and accessories.

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